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MMA News’ Top 10 Finishes Of The Week (9/4 – 9/10)

Welcome to this week’s edition of MMA News’ Top 10 Finishes of the week! Every week there’s highlight-reel finishes all across the MMA world, and we’ve found some of the absolute best ones to showcase.

This week’s list includes a couple of entries each from ACA 144 and UFC 279, but it also features some new promotions that have yet to appear in previous editions of the Top 10. In addition to a range of events, this week’s Top 10 showcases a unique variety of finishes and is a 50/50 split between some brutal knockouts and impressive submissions.

#10: Nate Diaz’s UFC Swan Song

There’s no guarantee that Nate Diaz’s fight with Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 was his last one for the UFC, but it would certainly be an impressive way to end his time with the promotion.

After taking lumps out of each other for nearly 4 rounds, Ferguson shot for a takedown that allowed Diaz to grab his neck and flex for the crowd as “El Cucuy” was forced to tap.

#9: Bogdan Grad’s Standing Guillotine

Bogdan Grad had no need to go to the ground in order to lock up a submission on Christian Mach at Cage Fight Series 11 In Austria.

After Mach caught a kick, Grad quickly grabbed his opponent’s neck and cranked a guillotine until the 24-year-old was forced to tap and collapsed on the mat.

#8: Ben Royle’s Slick Triangle

Ben Royle climbed every which way around Raymond Muganga before finally locking up a submission at Fairtex Fights.

The 27-year-old got into mount before Muganga attempted to roll away and immediately found himself stuck in a triangle choke.

#7: Khalid Satuev Stays Undefeated

Khalid Satuev made sure that Guilherme Doin would have no chance to defend himself in their lightweight bout at ACA 144.

Satuev landed a knee to the body that folded the Brazilian and allowed the 28-year-old to rain unanswered ground strikes until the ref stepped in.

#6: Yelaman Sayassatov’s Finishing Instincts

You won’t see a lot of submissions locked up faster than Yelaman Sayassatov’s anaconda choke at MFC 3 in Kazakhstan.

The bantamweight stuffed a takedown early in the second round before immediately grabbing a choke to put his opponent unconscious.

#5: Vitor Petrino Impresses Dana White

The whole format of Contender Series is designed to encourage finishes, and they don’t come much more impressive than Vitor Petrino’s win over Rodolfo Bellato.

Petrino landed a left hand at the end of an exchange that sent Bellato falling backwards before “Icão” landed a single insurance punch on the ground.

#4: Sofia Bagishvili’s KSW Debut

Anita Bekus showed off her toughness at KSW 74, but the Polish strawweight had no hope of escaping the position Sofia Bagishvili put her in.

The 23-year-old controlled Bekus’s head while extending one of her arms with her legs, eventually forcing the ref to step in as Bekus cried out in pain.

#3: Irene Aldana’s Unorthodox Liver Kick

Irene Aldana picked up one of the most unique and unexpected stoppages you’ll ever seen in her main card bout at UFC 279.

After Aldana and Macy Chiasson each dominated one round apiece, the 34-year-old threw up a kick from her back in the third round that hit Chiasson’s liver and immediately ended the bout.

#2: Armando Gjetja’s Brutal Final Strike

Armando Gjetja looked to have Daniel Bastidas severely compromised in the first round of their bout at Ring of Combat 77 before choosing his moment to end things.

After landing several punches against the fence that clearly rocked Bastidas, Gjetja took his time to set up a brutal knee and finish the bout.

#1: Viktor Makarenko’s Spinning Back Fist

Even before a full weekend of events and finishes, Viktor Makarenko likely had already locked up the top spot on this week’s list with his finish at ACA 144.

The 28-year-old missed a kick but immediately spun into a back fist that put Wahid Najand facedown on the canvas and extended Makarenko’s record to 8-0.

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