Friday, October 7, 2022

Molly McCann Is Standing Up To End Gun Violence In Liverpool

Molly McCann is doing her part to end gun violence in his community.

In the past year, Molly McCann’s stardom has risen immensely. Her back-to-back wins in the UFC Octagon have given her the platform to make real change. Now McCann is looking close to home at issues in and around her community. The bantamweight star is doing what she can to urge the police in Liverpool to put a stop to gun violence.

In the community of Kingsheath Avenue in Liverpool, there have been three murders all in one week’s time. The tragic deaths of Olivia Pratt-Korbel, 9, Sam Rimmer, 22, and Ashley Dale, 28, shocked the community and sent an uproar through Liverpool. McCann recently visited the neighborhood and delivered flowers for the young victim.

Molly McCann Is An Anti-Gun Advocate Trying To Enact Change In Her Hometown

Pratt-Korbel was shot when a man fleeing another man ran into her house with a gun. Two men were arrested in association with the incident but were released on bail according to ITV News.

“I feel like we’re a week on and the public don’t really know anymore,” McCann said. “The public still really need to be on at the police and keep the pressure up so they can keep on doing their job and find somebody to be held accountable for what’s happened. I don’t think the city will ever get over it if no-one is caught – justice has not been served.”

McCann has been working with Weapons Down Gloves Up [WDGU], an organization out of the UK working to end gun violence and keep the youth of Liverpool off the streets.

McCann is using her stardom to make a difference in the lives of those close to home. She will have her next chance to get her message out on the world stage during her next fight, which will be in New York City at UFC 281.

What do you think of McCann’s efforts in Liverpool?

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