Thursday, September 29, 2022

Moutinho On UFC Release: “I Wish I Would’ve Gotten One More”

Kris Moutinho feels he wasn’t given a fair go by the UFC.

The 30-year-old’s stint in the promotion was a short yet memorable one for many fans. It started in July last year, when Moutinho burst onto the UFC’s biggest stage from nowhere, fighting Sean O’Malley at UFC 264 on short notice.

While Kris sustained an otherworldly beating from “Suga,” absorbing a whopping 230 significant strikes, he earned many fans for his fearless performance. Despite being clearly outmatched, Moutinho showed he had what it takes to make a name for himself in the UFC, earning himself a Fight of the Night bonus.

But when he returned to the Octagon in March, Moutinho lost via standing TKO to 42-year-old Guido Cannetti—a man with just two wins in his previous seven fights. Kris was soon cut by the UFC after making just two appearances in the promotion.

Kris Moutinho
Kris Moutinho

Moutinho Wishes UFC Gave Him Another Shot

We’ve seen plenty of fighters rack up multiple losses without facing the UFC axe. Moutinho, however, didn’t seem to earn the benefit of the doubt from the promotion’s leadership, even when some argued his last loss was an early stoppage.

Speaking to Talkin’ MMA, Kris says that he wishes the UFC would have given him at least one more fight to prove himself.

“I wish I would’ve gotten one more,” said Moutinho. “It is what it is, though, you know what I mean? I can’t explain why they decided to do things…it’s their business, their company. I was given a fight, my last fight, against Guido [Cannetti]…nobody’s a bum in the UFC, I don’t care what anybody says…it’s the best organization in the world with the best depth in every weight class.”

Kris has taken his UFC departure with a great deal of maturity, offering no excuses and refusing to criticize the decisions of its leadership. He says that he understands the reasoning behind his axing, but at the same time, many fighters have been provided more of a chance to prove themselves than he was.

“[Cannetti] was a guy who was on a losing streak, they gave him to me to win, and that’s why they cut me,” said Moutinho. “I lost to a guy I should’ve beat…I don’t care if whether the stoppage was early or if I could’ve kept going, maybe I would have won the fight…I can’t go back in time and change things. I wish I had got another shot, because I’ve seen guys lose multiple fights in a row and get three or four fights to go out there and do it, but man it was a lesson, a lesson learned.” 

Since facing the axe, Moutinho has fought just once in a grappling match at CES 69, losing by decision to Dinis Paiva. He says that he’s now “looking to do a bit of boxing,” with a possible fight lined up for November.

What’s your take on Kris Moutinho feeling like the UFC didn’t give him a fair go?

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