Thursday, September 29, 2022

Nate Diaz Explains Why “Fake” Usman Was Never A Champion

Nate Diaz feels Kamaru Usman put himself in a terrible light regarding his recent comments about a potential fight with one of his friends.

Diaz is set to face Khamzat Chimaev in the UFC 279 main event this Saturday. He returns following nearly a two-year hiatus stemming from his last fight against Leon Edwards at UFC 263.

Diaz has seemed fired up ahead of his last potential fight in the UFC. He’s on the last fight on his deal and is unlikely to re-sign with the promotion regardless of the result of UFC 279 this weekend.

Diaz thinks highly of himself and has been vocal in how he views some of his fighting colleagues. Most recently Usman, following the former welterweight champion’s loss to Edwards at UFC 278.

In the lead-up to UFC 278, Usman has hinted at the possibility of moving up to middleweight to fight Israel Adesanya if the price was right. The two are close friends and have become two of the biggest stars in the sport.

Nate Diaz Unleashes On Kamaru Usman For Recent Comments About Israel Adesanya

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During a recent interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, Diaz went off on how Usman handled his title reign and questions about fighting Adesanya.

“You’re over here playing champion, I’m like you’re just over here doing what the UFC told you to do,” Diaz said. “Remember when Kamaru said… Adesanya’s my brother, but if they want me and Adesanya to fight, we’re going to have step in the back room and talk. Well first of all, you ain’t his friend for that sorry shit you just said… why are you doing an interview talking about how if they offer us enough money…you’re asking permission from the UFC. I never asked for nothing. I demanded and took what I’m going to take and I still am, because done whooped too many asses to be asking anybody for anything…

“Fake ass motherfucker… that’s why you got slept by Leon Edwards,” Diaz continued. “Because you’re over here play fighting. This ain’t even for real, I’m for real in the fight game.”

Usman will likely get an immediate rematch against Edwards in a trilogy fight that may happen in the UK. The UFC has hinted at potentially scheduling an event at Wembley Stadium, with Edwards/Usman 3 set to feature.

Diaz is as real as they come in the fight game, and he feels that Usman creaking open the door to a fight with his friend makes him an insincere fighter, and not worthy of a championship.

Do you agree with Nate Diaz’s comments about Kamaru Usman?

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