Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Nate Diaz Snaps On ‘Fat Motherf—er’ Daniel Cormier; DC Responds

It looks like Nate Diaz is scoring one more knockout before he leaves the UFC, albeit a virtual one.

Diaz fought out his UFC contract at UFC 279, after one of the most bizarre and wild fight weeks of all time. Initially scheduled to fight Khamzat Chimaev, he would end up instead facing Tony Ferguson on 24 hours’ notice, following a string of altercations and weight misses that led to a reshuffling of the event.

Nate Diaz Rips Daniel Cormier

The fight with Ferguson being a much better stylistic matchup for Nate Diaz, with him being a heavy underdog against Chimaev, only to be victorious against El Cucuy. In fact, many people including Dana White himself believe that if the fights took place how they were intended, the Stockton native would likely have been demolished.

Another person who felt this way was former UFC champ-champ Daniel Cormier, who had gone on record to question how the original matchmaking would have played out. However, it seems that Diaz did not particularly appreciate DC saying these things, as he took to his Twitter to rip into the fighter turned commentator, hurling insults while sharing the infamous photo of DC crying after losing to Jon Jones.

“Respect your OG you fat motherfucker,” Diaz wrote.

It did not take long for this post to go viral, with many fans surprised at the sudden outburst towards Cormier, but still showing their support and amusement. Subsequently, DC was left with little choice but to respond, kindly advising Diaz to take a second and calm down.

“Nathan relax,” Cormier responded.

This was a bit of a surprising exchange between Daniel Cormier and Nate Diaz, especially considering how relatively docile Nate was during the buildup to UFC 279. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining moment between two of the sport’s legends.

What did you make Nate Diaz lashing out like this?