Sunday, October 2, 2022

Nick Maximov: ‘Little Bitch’ Chris Curtis Snitched On Team Diaz

The budding beef between Nick Maximov and Chris Curtis almost boiled over during the buildup to UFC 279.

While primarily known for being a training partner to Nick and Nate Diaz and being the reason someone from Full Send got smacked, Maximov has been working hard at building his own career path within the UFC, going 2-1 in the promotion thus far. He is looking to bounce back from his first career loss when he takes on Jacob Malkoun in October.

Nick Maximov Puts Chris Curtis On Blast

While he has a fight lined up, Nick Maximov has been building something of a rivalry with number 15 ranked middleweight Chris Curtis. The two have been going back and forth on social media and in interviews recently, with “The Action Man” going after the one-dimensional style he perceives the Stockton native to have.

According to a recent interview from Maximov, he wanted to confront Curtis about his comments during the UFC 279 weigh-ins but was not able to get the chance. He says that either Curtis or someone from his team told the on-site cops that the two of them had beef, so there was heavy security that prevented things from getting ugly.

“I seen him today, and right as I’m walking by I’m like what the fuck is this dude doing in our section, FaceTiming and acting cool at the weigh-ins. He thought he was all cool, nothing really happens,” Maximov said. “Someone told the cops, and I know it wasn’t from my side, that this fool doesn’t like us and whatnot. So the whole time, the cops were creeping on me… Who else would have told them? It’s a fucking bitch move. He’s a little bitch. He was acting all cool around us because he knew he was safe.”

Nick Maximov currently has his hands full with his bout next month, but it seems that he would be down to face Chris Curtis next if things work out the way he wants. This would be the first ranked opponent he has faced in his UFC tenure and would be a big step up from the prospect.

How do you see a fight between Nick Maximov and Chris Curtis playing out?

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