Friday, October 7, 2022

Paulo Costa In Awe Of Streetfighting “Beast” After Viral Video

There is a man terrorizing streets with his hands, and Paulo Costa wants some answers.

As entertaining as he may be in the Octagon, Costa has been building a potentially more entertaining persona with the hilarious posts and constant trolling he has been doing on social media. Whether it be his fellow fighters, or himself, the Brazilian middleweight contender always has something interesting to say or share, causing people to speculate if he is really the one behind the posts.

Paulo Costa Needs Answers

The most recent example of entertainment from Paulo Costa was in response to a viral street fight video, that he reposted on his Twitter page. Not only that, but he expressed shock and amazement at the prowess displayed by the unarmed combatant.

In the video, the man who is described by Costa as being a “beast” takes on a total of three people, dropping the first one multiple times before eventually putting him out cold, and dropping the second man as well.

It was only when a third gentleman joined in on the fisticuffs that the now-shirtless street version of Justin Gaethje finally met his match, with his footwork and head movement not being enough to stop him from getting dropped himself, before the video ends.

“Who da fuck is this beast?!!” Costa demanded to know, following it up with a threat to handle this dangerous street heathen himself. “Are this Mtfk in Ny? I’m gonna beat he’s ass cold”

There’s an old saying that goes “You live by the sword, you die by the sword,” and that was something the hero of our story found out the hard way, around the time of his head hitting the pavement. Hopefully Paulo Costa does not follow through on his vaguely worded threat to hurt this man any further.

Did Paulo Costa just discover Jake Paul’s next opponent?

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