Saturday, September 24, 2022

Pearl Gonzales Is Paying $10k To Remove Tattoo From Age 11

Former UFC fighter and bare-knuckle boxer Pearl Gonzales is dropping a lot of money to fix a mistake she made when she was a child.

Gonzales had a fun career in the UFC, that saw her going 4-4 overall, perhaps being most known for having a breast implant fiasco, before being released in 2020. From there, she signed with BKFC, where she is went 1-1 before putting the gloves back on for a regular boxing match in August.

Pearl Gonzales Regrets Her Tattoo Choices

One of the most common tropes about prize fighters is the fact that almost all of them have some form of tattoos, most of them being regrettable, and Pearl Gonzales is no different. In fact, she told TMZ recently that she is working to get four tattoos removed, including what she referred to as a “titty tat” and may even get them all take off.

Gonzales explained that she got most of her tattoos before the age of 18, with her first coming at the incredibly young age of 11. So she is spending upwards of $10,000 to remove the tattoos, regretting having gotten them done in the first place.

“I started getting tattoos at the age of 11. Most of my tattoos, except for I think maybe three of them, were done before I was 18. So I was real young, a little wild and crazy at a very young age. So I’ve got to get rid of them all,” Gonzales said.

From there, Gonzales detailed the uncomfortable feeling of tattoo removal, likening it to having oil pop on your skin while you cook. She concluded by imparting some wise words for anyone looking to get a tattoo, before they may be ready.

“Really think it through. Don’t go to any fucking tattoo parties and get tattoos,” she said.

This is some great advice offered by Pearl Gonzales, even if she had to learn it the hard way. Hopefully she will think twice before getting any more tattoos in the future.

Do you have any tattoos that you regret getting?

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