Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Podcaster Responds After Usman Calls Him A “Dumbass”

Youtuber, podcaster and fitness fanatic MorePlatesMoreDates (MPMD) has responded to the UFC‘s Kamaru Usman after the former champion called him a “dumbass” amongst other things.

In a recent podcast episode with Joe Rogan, who MorePlatesMoreDates has also joined on the UFC commentator’s self-titled “experience,” Usman had this to say about the YouTuber:

“Of course, people accuse me all the time, and I never really told my story. So one day I kept seeing people tagging me in this video. It’s some f****** guy, some dumbass that is on YouTube that swears he can spot people on PEDs.”

Kamaru Usman
Image Credit: Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Usman went on to counter the podcaster’s claim by explaining why he has marks on his stomach, which was one of the main pieces of evidence presented against the former welterweight champion.

MPMD though, had plenty to say back, even that he thinks Rogan may have encouraged Usman’s crosshairs over the wrong guy. In a 17-minute response video, MPMD broke down the segment piece by piece. He started his response with this:

“So apparently, there’s a clip of Kamaru Usman responding to PED accusations, and apparently I’m called out in specific, and called a dumbass of all things, go figure.”

He goes on to say that there is no confirmation that any of this is actually about him, that it was just an assumption on Rogan’s part. As the video goes on he says, “Hopefully a lot of you guys will know by now that this is not about me.”

MPMD believes this is mainly due to him making videos specifically against the moles being a site for PED injections, something Usman is trying to dispel to Rogan.

“When it comes to the spots on his stomach, you’ll see that I specifically note that I do not believe it to be indicative of PED usage.”

While not believing the abdominal wall to be a feasible injection site with such low fat, MPMD did not clear Usman of wrongdoing, stating that “someone in their mid 30’s” that had “Back-acne” was a prime suspect for HGH.

Derek, the name of the man behind MPMD, did have an hour-long video dedicated to the subject of Usman’s PED usage, though he claims it refers to a video by theMMAGuru.

You can view the podcaster’s full response to Usman below.

What do you make of Kamaru Usman’s clash with this podcaster?

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