Friday, December 9, 2022

Poirier: Diaz’s UFC Departure Sets A Good Example For Young Fighters

Dustin Poirier is praising Nate Diaz for how he is handling his career.

Nate Diaz is on to the next chapter of his combat sports career. Diaz fought out the last fight on his UFC contract and is now a free agent. The longtime UFC fighter is taking a look outside the promotion to see if he can make more money elsewhere. In the eyes of fellow UFC fighter Dustin Poirer, this is a good idea.

Poirier is commending Diaz for his handling of his UFC situation. It was clear that Diaz has been unhappy with the UFC for some time now and has been asking for his release.

Diaz has made quite a name for himself over the years and has become one of the most popular fighters on the roster. Now that he is free to look elsewhere for fights, he should be able to make great money.

Nate Diaz
Image Credit: MMA Junkie on YouTube

Dustin Poirier Believes That Nate Diaz Is Paving The Way For Young Fighters

Dustin Poirier is another man who has done a great job rising his own stock in the world of MMA. He knows that having worth in the UFC and beyond is a must for any fighter looking to get paid big money. Poirier thinks Diaz and the path he is on now is a great example for young fighters in the company.

“I think it’s great for the young fighters out there to see a guy like Nate who aren’t just keeping the company and fought his way to free agency and now we can go test the market and see what he’s really worth,” he said in an interview with Heavy Sports. “You know, when offers start coming in for him and those things become public, other fighters see what the going rate is or what other companies are willing to toss on the table out there, and only it only helps lift up the sport for everyone.”

Diaz has been teasing a transition to boxing and could be facing Jake Paul in the future. If that is the case, he could be making a tremendous amount more than he did in the UFC.

Do you think the path being set by Nate Diaz is feasible by other UFC fighters?