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Police Investigate “Assault” On Woman While On McGregor’s Yacht

Police are investigating an alleged assault on a Dublin woman that took place during a party on MMA superstar Conor McGregor‘s yacht.

Since rising to fame through his career inside the Octagon, where he held two titles in separate weight classes simultaneously, and finding immense wealth via multiple successful business ventures, the “Notorious” McGregor has learned to enjoy the finer things in life.

That includes a pair of yachts — a $3.5 million Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 vessel branded the “Supercar of the Sea” and a triple-deck boat that features a climbing wall and water slide. The Irishman has often been seen on both during his recovery from injury, and even staged parties on them for his 34th birthday in July.

But while McGregor and his family have been enjoying luxury on the yachts, one individual present at the Dubliner’s party was seemingly left injured following an assault.

Per the Irish Sun, a woman in her 20s from the Drimnagh area of Dublin made a statement to officers at Sundrive Garda station in Crumlin early last month. She claimed to have suffered injuries as a result of an assault on McGregor’s triple-deck yacht while in Spain’s Balearic Islands on July 17.

According to the report, the woman’s claims have been sent to police in Formentera. Spanish media noted that the woman was examined at a hospital following the incident, where a medical report showed that she’d suffered head trauma.

McGregor Cleared By Police, Probe Continues

While an investigation into the alleged attack is ongoing, the Guardia Civil — the oldest law enforcement agency in Spain and one of two national police forces — has already “ruled out that the perpetrator was Conor McGregor himself or that he was even involved in the incident.”

The report further states that one investigator in Spain commented that the woman was brought to the shore following the alleged assault and contacted local authorities.

However, with a struggle to communicate through a language barrier and her desire to ‘just go home’, no full statement was made. Having returned home to Ireland, the woman spoke to Gardaí — the country’s national police service.

In their statement, the Spanish investigator provided an update on the incident, revealing that an official complaint had been submitted by the alleged victim.

“A woman from Ireland has now officially made a complaint in relation to an alleged assault when she was on Mr. McGregor’s yacht… Documents have now been sent from Ireland to Spain… When the woman was in Spain, she didn’t sign anything because she was determined to get home… The authorities in Ireland will be assisting their colleagues in Spain in this investigation.”

All quotes h/t The Sun.

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