Saturday, September 24, 2022

Watch: Stranger Almost ‘Slept’ O’Malley During Tow Truck Prank

Sean O’Malley has been pulling a lot of fun pranks recently, but his most recent one apparently almost backfired.

A rising hot UFC bantamweight prospect, O’Malley has garnered a following that far exceeds his accomplishments inside the Octagon, mostly due to his understanding of the social media landscape, and his uniquely charming personality. He is even now set to take on the former champ, Petr Yan, at UFC 280, and has done all of this without a win over a ranked fighter.

Sean O’Malley Almost Got Slept

One of the things that Sean O’Malley has been doing recently, is exploring the world of prank videos, even posing as a gas station attendant. However, he apparently almost had a situation that turned ugly, when filming a prank video with ThatWasEpic for his YouTube channel.

This prank had a set-up that saw O’Malley and ThatWasEpic pretend to tow cars at a gas station, before giving them $1000. Although there was one situation that almost turned ugly, as the man whose car they were threatening to tow said that he almost threw hands over the situation, and has apparently gone to prison twice for assault in the past.

“Bruh, y’all almost got slept bruh,” the man said to O’Malley, clearly not knowing he was talking to a UFC fighter. “Crazy bro, because I’ve been to prison for assault twice already. If you would’ve tried to hook it up, both you guys would’ve been slept. I’mma go full boxer.”

Obviously the man did not realize one of the people he was threatening to sleep is one of the best strikers in the UFC’s most staked division. All things considered, Sean O’Malley was a good sport about the threats, not correcting the man.

While it is likely that O’Malley would have been able to handle the situation with ease, should it have turned violent, street altercations are notoriously unpredictable and dangerous. So it is good that the two knew when to deescalate the situation before it got worse.

What did you think of this prank from Sean O’Malley?

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