Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Sean O’Malley Shares Weigh-In Idea For Petr Yan Fight

Bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley has teased a move up to the 155-pound division, starting from the moment his podcast aired.

The rainbow-haired striker answered fan questions on the latest episode of his podcast, which is one of the most popular MMA shows on YouTube. The first one was a question about him fighting at lightweight. “Suga” gave a half-joking affirmative answer, stating that he would begin his conquest of the 155 lb rankings starting that very moment, which will be news to both Petr Yan and the athletic commission covering the event.

“Okay, put it this way, if I didn’t cut weight, I would be a lightweight. I would fight Charles Oliviera, Islam Mackhachev, Justin Gaethje.”

While categorically stating he does not want to fight those guys, O’Malley did say this:

“I’m a lightweight dude, I walk around at 155, and never get above 160,” stated O’Malley, who went on to talk about his upcoming opponent Petr Yan. “Petr, I dunno what he walks around at, I assume 155-ish.”

Sean O'Malley, Petr Yan
Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

O’Malley’s main reason for considering going to lightweight is that he is sick of dieting. Back-to-back fight camps have taken their toll on “the Suga show”, who wants more snacks in his life. The munchies must be difficult to manage during camp for the man who loves everything green. He now plans to leave Dana White a voicemail proposing something along the lines of the following, according to O’Malley:

“So hear me out Dana, We weigh in about an hour before we walk out.”

O’Malley isn’t the first the lobby for this kind of weight-cutting rule, with Joe Rogan being one of the most famous proponents of no weight-cutting clauses. “Dude, when your cutting weight, you are dying, you have no water in you. Your organs have no water. Everyone does it, and everyone’s dying.”

Never a man short of an idea, O’Malley offered this:

“I’m a lightweight now. I’m weighing in at 155, f*** it. Petr, If you see this brother, just weigh in at 155.”

So, it is settled then, that Sean O’Malley is now one of the biggest names of the 155-pound division, a status gained due to his large social media following.

Who do you think would win at 155, O’Malley or Yan?

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