Saturday, December 3, 2022

Son Of Irish Celebrity Chef Starts MMA Training After Drug Arrests

The son of a celebrity chef in Ireland has started regular MMA training as he moves on from several previous arrests for drug possession.

Rachel Allen, known in Ireland for her work on a variety of cooking shows, found herself in the spotlight for reasons outside of television during the last few years. Joshua, the oldest of her 3 children, was first arrested in August 2018 for possession and intent to distribute of 22,000 GBP worth of marijuana.

Joshua ended up serving 15-months for that initial offense according to Irish news outlet Cork Beo. Shortly after being released, he was once again convicted on drug charges for possession of cocaine in July 2020.

Son Now Does MMA Training 5 Days A Week

The circumstances were no doubt challenging for Allen, who told the Irish Mirror that she was surprised by the show of support she received from the public.

“The amount of people who have written to me, I cannot tell you,” Allen said. “The kindness from strangers…people say I’ve never met you, but I’m sending you this card, I’m sending you this email. I mean sending me miraculous medals.”

After being remanded in custody in June 2022 while appealing his sentence for cocaine possession, Joshua now appears clear of legal trouble. The 22-year-old has apparently opened up a stone carving business and also trains at an MMA gym 5 days a week.

What do you think of the news that Allen’s son Joshua has taken up MMA training as he moves on from his arrests for drug possession?