Saturday, September 24, 2022

Tai Tuivasa Makes Major Announcment About His Beer Company

Tai Tuivasa made a major announcement about his beer company during an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani ahead of UFC Paris.

Tuivasa has been using his newfound stardom to build a brand for his people “from the area” of Western Syndey. Tuivasa rocketed to stardom after folding Greg Hardy like a lawn chair at UFC 264. However, it was the unique celebration that captured the masses.

Footage of Tuivasa drinking a beer out of a shoe from the top of the cage went viral. Following this, his two KOs of Augusto Sakai and Derrick Lewis in December and February respectively doubled his follower count and granted the Sydney native a #3 ranking.

Tuivasa Makes Major Announcment – Drink West Goes National!

On The MMA Hour, Tuivasa made a major announcement that, in addition to becoming the official beer of the UFC in Australia, the brand has secured a brewery in Western Sydney.

Tuivasa told Helwani that this will allow them to expand production to cover all of Australia and hopefully the world. Up until now, the beer has been in limited supply and only available in Australia.

“[The deal] is awesome,” Tuivasa said. “Really good, I think… why not? Both owners fight in the UFC, so it’s a good thing for us, and a good thing for the company, especially in Australia and it’s going really well. We’ve actually got a trip to Vegas in December for a few winners [who buy cases] to go and watch the UFC…

“For the moment it’s only available in Australia. We’ve got some big news coming up… but we’re building a brewery, that should be open maybe October, and that gives us the capacity to make more and feed the rest of Australia.”

Hopefully, Tuivasa and Pedro will be able to continue to grow their brand across Australia and the globe. Their commitment to creating jobs for their hometown is uplifting. The pair joins the long list of UFC fighters who have alcohol partnerships. Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, and Jorge Masvidal are among the others who have such deals.

Hopefully, Drink West will become internationally available soon so Tuivasa’s international fans can taste its sweet golden nectar.

Tuivasa takes on former Interim Champion Ciryl Gane in the UFC’s first trip to Paris. How badly do you want to do a shoey with Tuivasa’s own beer?

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