Sunday, November 27, 2022

Tom Hardy’s Next Move In BJJ Reign Of Terror Revealed

Actor turned Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) force to be reckoned with Tom Hardy has revealed the next move in his grappling career.

The Batman actor has surprised the MMA community as a whole with his grappling exploits. Tom Hardy has not only been vigorously competing around the UK but has been winning.

He won a gold medal in August, securing an armbar victory among others. As a result, he was met with widespread acclaim. Tom Hardy was not only training in Brazillian ju-jitsu, but he was taking the art and competitive aspect seriously.

Hardy then followed up with another gold medal win that had many wondering just how long he had been training. This came just a month after his first win. Tom Hardy originally tried out BJJ as part of his training for his role in the MMA flick Warrior. He has since continued training at gyms like Manchester Top team.

Tom Hardy To Continue Grappling Foray

Tom Hardy BJJ
Photos via Instagram @tomhardy & Twitter @RosssEdmonds

BloodyElbow has reported that Tom Hardy will explore the wonderful world of grappling further. The two events that are confirmed for Hardy so far are the Nogi Jiu Jitsu British Open and Grappling Industries: London.

He will compete at both 175.3lbs and 185lbs in the senior division. Tom Hardy will compete in both Gi and No-Gi sides of the competition for the London event, showing a real dedication to the art form.

What is for certain is the positive impact Hardy could have. With so many teens and kids looking to Hollywood for inspiration, the star could draw new eyes to the sport. If he should keep winning, we may even see the star try some of the bigger events in grappling.

What have you made of Hardy’s BJJ run so far?