Friday, October 7, 2022

Tony Ferguson Shares Advice On How To Achieve Your Dreams

Tony Ferguson is sharing some knowledge with the world leading up to his UFC 279 fight.

UFC 279 will now feature a main event between Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson. This matchup came seemingly out of nowhere after Chimaev’s weight miss shook up the card, but it’s a fight MMA fans have dreamed of for years.

Ferguson knows quite a bit about dreams himself. He has been a staple in the UFC lightweight division for many years. He is a former interim title holder and has always been one or two fights away from the title for several years now.

At 38 years old, Ferguson may be approaching his final years in the sport but is not disappointed in his path. He began as a member of The Ultimate Fighter Season 13, won the season, and has progressed from there.

Tony Ferguson

Ferguson Believes That Every Person Should Be Making Goals For Themselves

Ferguson spoke to the media prior to his upcoming UFC 279 battle about the goals he set when he was younger and fresh into the sport. He had a box of goals written down when he was on TUF and was asked if they had all been accomplished.

“Yeah, I had to. My coach would tell me all the time when we first showed up at Grand Valley State — when I did, he called me in, sat us all down and gave us a notecard and a pen — that’s coach Dave Mills from Grand Valley — and everybody, listen, I want you to do the same sh-t. He said, ‘I want you to write down three goals that you can accomplish with the first couple weeks here. The next goal is I want you to put another one in that you can reach within a half a year or a year. And the third goal I want you to have one regardless of what it is — big mansion or whatever it is, I want you to put that on there — whatever is unobtainable.”

Ferguson has accomplished a lot in the sport of mixed martial arts. He never won that elusive UFC world title but has proved he is among the best there ever was. He defeated many tough opponents in his time and is still pushing for more.

Ferguson didn’t let on what his goals are at this time but wants to go out there tonight and show the world he is a winner.

“And each time you complete a goal, you’re gonna get closer and closer to that third goal. You would put your (favorite) quote from your favorite athlete, sign it, weight, height, all that good stuff, but what was important was those three goals. And in the dream box, I would do that. I would put my mindset and put my energy on what I wanted,” he explained. “I would boom, put that and put it in the dream box. And over time, what ended up happening was — the dream box’s still there, but I started just keeping it inside, keeping it interior here and not letting anybody do that.”

Do you believe Tony Ferguson will have a dream outcome in his UFC 279 main event bout against Nate Diaz?

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