Saturday, September 24, 2022

Woodley Warns KSI: ‘He Gonna Get F—ked Up Playing With Me’

Tyron Woodley appears to be quite interested in boxing another YouTuber turned boxer in KSI.

After ending his UFC tenure with four straight defeats, Woodley made the move to boxing, where he would come up short in a pair of bouts against YouTube boxer Jake Paul, losing the second one by brutal KO. Following this viral moment, there were lingering questions about what the future will look like for the former welterweight champion.

Tyron Woodley Has Had Enough From KSI

Rival to Jake Paul and fellow YouTube boxer KSI has been talking trash about Tyron Woodley for a while now, making the case for why the two should fight each other, and just generally getting under “The Chosen One’s” nerves. In fact, he even put a poll out on Twitter recently, asking fans who they think he should fight next, and the majority of the votes landed for T-Wood.

Well it appears that Woodley is more than willing to oblige these requests, as he explained in a recent interview. Here, he said that he tried to fight KSI earlier this year and that it did not work out, but if the British influencer keeps running his mouth the way he was been, they can meet in the ring and settle the score.

“At the end of the day, KSI, I like that he’s energetic, he’s all into it, he’s all over the place, but he’s gonna get fucked up playing around with me. My new slogan is ‘Don’t get fucked up by having me fucked up,’ and he’s had me fucked up for a long time, talking shit about my name,” Woodley said.

“January, we can get it cracking. We can get it cracking in White Castles. We can get it cracking in the UK. We can get it cracking in Vegas. You can pull up to the golf course. When I get done doing these 18 holes, you can be the 19th hole to get beat up. So let’s get it cracking, man.”

Time will tell if KSI and Tyron Woodley end up settling their beef in the ring in January. Either way, it is clear that the former champ is ready to throw down with the YouTuber.

Do you think Tyron Woodley still has what it takes to beat KSI?

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