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Archives: Tyron Woodley Makes Black Lives Matter Statement At UFC Vegas Presser (2020)

Leading into Tyron Woodley’s UFC Vegas 11 bout against Colby Covington, Woodley made a political statement with his fashion and brief choice of words that went viral.

Tyron Woodley has not been one to shy away from speaking his mind, even when met with controversy. This includes tackling sensitive political topics such as racial issues in the United States.

Woodley is not the only fighter in the MMA community to discuss politics. Jorge Masvidal, Gina Carano, Jake Shields, and Woodley’s opponent in the forthcoming article, Colby Covington, have been known to do the same thing.

Below, you can find an example of Woodley’s flexing his First Amendment muscles in an article published on this day two years ago.

Woodley would later lose the fight against Colby Covington in a lopsided affair in his penultimate UFC fight. This bout would serve as the conclusion of a feud years in the making after the former teammates had trash-talked one another for years.

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On This Day Two Years Ago…


Headline: Tyron Woodley Makes Black Lives Matter Statement At UFC Vegas Presser

Author: Ian Carey

Tyron Woodley made a statement at the UFC Las Vegas 11 press conference on Thursday. The former UFC welterweight champion answered every question at the event with a version of saying “Black Lives Matter.”

When asked if he was disappointed with Covington not appearing at the press conference, Woodley only stated, ““I’m just really excited that Black Lives Matter”.

When Woodley was asked about possibly being in line for a title fight, Woodley answered, “I feel like a victory here just really shows how much Black Lives Matter.”

Then asked if he wanted to use this platform to deliver a message, Woodley answered “Just that Black Lives Matter.”

Reporters then picked up on the trend, with one asking about if this fight amplifies his need to support the cause. “Nah, I just think that Black Lives Matter,” Woodley responded.

He was then asked if anything surprised him about Colby’s pre-fight antics. “I wasn’t surprised,” Woodley answered. “Especially because Black Lives Matter.”

Woodley was wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and a hat that read “Make Racists Catch The Fade Again.”

One reporter got in a great question. He asked Woodley if he would shake Covington’s hand if he realized that Black Lives Matter.

“I like your style,” Woodley responded to the question. “And I definitely realize that Black Lives Matter.”

Woodley will take on Colby Covington Saturday night at UFC Las Vegas 11. A few days ago, Covington met with Donald Trump, who wished him well in his fight against Woodley.

You can watch Woodley’s presser in full below.

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