Sunday, October 2, 2022

Usman Joins Trolls In Laughter At UFC 278 Memes

Kamaru Usman is not letting memes get to him, in fact, he is joining in the laughter.

Kamaru Usman is coming off his first loss in nine years. After much success in the UFC welterweight division and holding the title for three years, Usman suffered a shocking defeat to Leon Edwards by fifth-round knockout at UFC 278.

Following the loss, Usman has been humble and upbeat in his post-fight media appearance. He seems positive that a rematch will be set, and he will have the chance to regain his title.

In the meantime, the internet has been running wild with an image of Usman being knocked out. There are memes being made of the image of him laying on the canvas of the Octagon and placed in unusual places. There are also images of him with a dented face circulating. None of these mocking images are affecting Usman too much. In fact, he is laughing right along with them.

Kamaru Usman Is Not Offended By Memes Being Made, He Finds It Endearing

Usman is taking the loss and teasing from fans in stride. He was bumped from his number one pound-for-pound spot after the loss and perhaps his future plans have been derailed a bit, but Usman feels that the knockout has added to his popularity. He was a guest on the Joe Rogan MMA podcast and discussed the Twitter trolls playing with his image.

“It’s even making people more upset because they expected me to feel a certain way that I’m not feeling….people make fake pages with my face… (LAUGHS)…it was hilarious to me,” he said. “This was the funniest sh-t to me. It was maybe a couple hundred would go out of their way to make a whole page.

“Because when I was knocked out, my eyes was open, which was the craziest thing to me…so people would screengrab that and make a fake page with that as the avatar and have a page dedicated to that, like, ‘You got knocked out!’ For them to take time out of their day, I’m like, ‘Sh-t, I’m special.’ (LAUGHS) It’s weird to me. It’s just weird to me…but they think that that bothers me. But it’s funny to me.”

Usman has big plans for his future that include getting his belt back, possibly moving up in weight and trying his hand at boxing. With such aspirations, having a good attitude about loss and being able to move on can only help him on his journey.

What do you think of all the Usman knockout memes going around?

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