Monday, December 5, 2022

Victor Henry Details Submitting Patron As A Bartender

UFC bantamweight Victor Henry took matters into his own hands when a rambunctious customer wouldn’t behave at his bartending gig.

Henry made his UFC debut at UFC 270 back in January, impressing the viewing audience with a unanimous decision victory over Raoni Barcelos. The 35-year-old made it to the Octagon following stints in RIZIN, Pancrase, and CageSport.

Henry will make his Octagon return against the veteran Raphael Assunção at the upcoming October 15th UFC Fight Night. In addition to training for his upcoming fight, Henry makes extra money away from the cage as a bartender near Fullerton, CA.

While Henry doesn’t divulge in drinking himself, he often runs into entitled customers who choose to mess with the wrong bartender.

Victor Henry Used His Grappling Skills At A Recent Bartender Shift

During an exclusive interview with MMA News, Henry spoke about a time when his MMA skills were needed to subdue an unruly bar-goer.

“There’s been a couple of times where people have an attitude,” Henry said. “Because I’m 5’7”, I’m not very tall. I had a guy one time just look over me even though I tapped him on the shoulder, he was being a dick, and being weird. But all of a sudden, he looks over me like this like I’m too short and I said, ‘Excuse me, down here, you can’t be doing that man.’ because he was smoking in the bar.

“I asked him to stop, and he started doing it again…sure enough, he goes ‘what the hell are you gonna do?’ and then he started trying to pick a fight with me. Little foot sweep, a little snap down, and I carried him out by his face in a front face lock [submission].”

Henry is a protégé of former UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett and is often thrown into exhausting training sessions at his gym. This has made Henry both mentally, and physically tough during moments of conflict, as evidenced by how he handled the incident at his workplace.

Henry is an example of a reason why the greater public should treat those working in customer service with respect because you never know if the person you’re berating can end the chaos fast and in a hurry.

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