Thursday, September 29, 2022

Videographer For ‘Stylebender’ Doc Talks Adesanya’s Star Power

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya is going to be the subject of a documentary.

One of the biggest stars in the UFC today is Israel Adesanya. He has been dominating the UFC middleweight division for over three years and has also found success outside of the cage. Adesanya is an interesting guy who has style, hence his nickname, “Stylebender.”

Adesanya is interested in anime, which he showcases when making public appearances, and has an air of mystery around him that fans find fascinating. All of these combined with the fact that he is one of the best fighters in the world make him a great subject for his own movie.

Israel Adesanya
Israel Adesanya, Credit: Photosport New Zealand

This was the exact thought that director Zoe Mcintosh had. She is creating a documentary about Adesanya’s life called “Stylebender.” The film is in the works right now and is going through post-production. There is no release date just yet, but one man who has been filming the entire documentary spoke a bit about the experience and how he knew the Adesanya was the real deal.

Israel Adesanya Will Be The Subject Of His Own Documentary Film

Filmmaker Jeff Sainlar has spent years filming Adesanya for this new documentary. He spoke recently with The AllStar about when and where he first saw Adesyana and how he knew right away the man was special.

“I used to do like work at Tiger Muay Thai and do all these promos and stuff and I remember Brad (Riddell) showed me Izzy at the time he was like, ‘this dude is gonna be the next stud’ and I think it was King of the Ring or the Super Eight something like that,” Sainlar said.

“We watched it and I was like the way that dude moved like he’s insane and then he showed up like a few weeks later at Tiger. Yeah, so started really early 2017, and then again, his UFC debut early 2018, and then from there, it’s been an ongoing whirlwind.”

On the website for the film, the plot is described as “Israel Adesanya defies the world to pin him down. He is a UFC Champion capable of precise and effective violence, who also enjoys the healing power of dance and therapy.”

Adesanya will be trying to defend his UFC title for the sixth time at UFC 281 in New York City when he takes on Alex Pereira on November 12. Perhaps the film will be released around that time, or they might wait until the fight and include it in the film as well.

Do you want to see this “Stylebender” documentary?

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