Monday, December 5, 2022

Watch: Arrest Of MMA Fighter Who Claims Girlfriend Stole Money

A video has emerged of an amateur MMA fighter from Georgia accusing his girlfriend of stealing his money in order to buy drugs.

The footage of Andrew Giergerich is the latest development in an ongoing story originally reported by Crime Online.

On September 10, the naked and burned body of 59-year-old Debbie Collier was found in a ravine about 60 miles away from her residence in Athens, GA. Collier’s daughter Amanda Bearden had previously received a Venmo transfer of over $2,000 from her mother along with a message that prompted Bearden to call the police.

The body of 59-year-old Debbie Collier was found in a ravine on September 10 in Georgia. (Facebook)

“They are not going to let me go love you there is a key to the house in the blue flower pot by the door,” the message read.

No actual cause of death or suspect have been identified in the case as of yet. Both Bearden and her boyfriend Giergerich, who is an amateur MMA fighter, have a mutual history of domestic violence.

Giergierich is alleged to have written a note warning Bearden and her family that he’d “hurt them” if they didn’t stay away from him in May 2021.

Footage Shows Giegerich Violating Court Order

Although it appears the couple have since reconciled, new body camera footage has emerged from an altercation when the amateur MMA fighter showed up at Bearden’s house in September 2021. You can view the full dash cam video below.

Giegerich was apparently in violation of a restraining order stemming from the note he’d penned in May, and the 27-year-old proceeded to tell law enforcement that his estranged girlfriend had stolen money from him to buy drugs.

“I didn’t have a phone because my phone broke, so this is the dumbest mistake I’ve ever [made,] we linked our cards together so she can send herself money from my card,” Giegerich says in the video. “The first person to touch my money is her…That’s the only reason we’ve had any contact, because every week she takes $500 or $600 from my check, and I just don’t see how that’s right. And she goes and does dope with my money.”

The amateur MMA fighter was arrested for violating the restraining order, but that altercation didn’t stop the pair from eventually reuniting.

Giegerich has already spent 6 days in jail this month for violating probation. Both he and Bearden were also arrested for a domestic dispute in 2021 where the 36-year-old filed a false report claiming the amateur MMA fighter had broken into the house they both lived in.

What do you make of this news that an amateur MMA fighter accused his girlfriend of stealing money and how it pertains to an ongoing murder case in Georgia?