Saturday, September 24, 2022

Watch: Brazilian MMA Event Includes Demo On Weapon Disarming

Promotions like ONE Championship have taken the unique approach of including grappling, kickboxing, and Muay Thai bouts along with MMA on their fight cards, but one Brazilian promotion has gone a slightly different route.

Goiana Vale Tudo held GVT 2 over the weekend and looking through the event’s fight card indicates a fairly standard combat sports offering of local Brazilian talent. One thing not included on the official bout list was the promotion’s decision to include a gun-and-knife disarming demonstration.

The video shows two individuals, one in what appears to be some sort of martial arts attire and another in something presumably meant to be street clothes, practicing various disarming techniques for the crowd.

Several techniques for dealing with an attacker wielding a firearm are shown before the “fighter” does a fairly lazy cartwheel over to the gun and tosses it away. The other individual then pulls out a knife, and the two repeat the process with a few different ways to relieve the “attacker” of his weapon.

It’s unclear where on the card this demonstration was featured, and it also doesn’t appear as if the “attacker” works particularly hard to avoid being disarmed.

Aside from this demonstration, GVT 2 included a number of fighters making their professional debuts and bouts for the promotion’s lightweight and heavyweight MMA titles.

What do you make of this video from GVT in Brazil demonstrating how to deal with an attacker wielding a gun or knife?

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