Saturday, December 3, 2022

Watch: Conor McGregor Fine-Tunes Wrestling Skills Ahead Of Return

Conor McGregor is looking slick in his latest wrestling training.

The MMA world has been watching and waiting for news of Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC. Following his last bout against Dustin Poirier in which he broke his leg, McGregor has been working on getting himself back in top shape.

Immediately following the injury, a timetable of a year was set by the Irish fighter. However, that period has come and gone and there remains no sign that he will be back anytime soon.

McGregor has been a busy man since his last fight in the UFC. He can be seen traveling the world on his Instagram and has also recently been cast in a movie. All his outside-the-cage ventures are booming, which makes his in-the-cage return questionable.

Nevertheless, McGregor is still training despite no word of a nearing return, and he frequently posts videos of him sparring or doing some other sort of workout.

Conor McGregor Is Working On His Ground Game

Throughout his career, McGregor has been known more as a striker. In fact, many believe that his ground game is his biggest detriment inside the Octagon. While taking a break from competition, McGregor is making the most of it and has been working on his weaknesses.

A video was posted on The Mac Life YouTube page showcasing some wrestling training McGregor recently participated in.

As previously mentioned, there is no date for McGregor’s comeback fight. In fact, he may have been taken out of the USADA testing pool, which would delay his return even more.

McGregor’s new bulked-up physique paired with the work he is putting on his ground game surely makes it seem that he will be a force in whichever division he chooses to return to.

Do you think fans will see a bigger and better Conor McGregor when he returns?