Monday, October 3, 2022

Watch: Ex-WWE Champ Believes He’s Out-Shoeyed Tuivasa

Former WWE champion Sheamus has attempted to surpass UFC heavyweight Tai Tuivasa’s “shoey” exploits with a special combo of his own.

When the name “Bam Bam” Tuivasa is mentioned, a number of things come to mind: hard hits, brutal knockouts, cheesy walkout songs, and shoeys. Three out of four were on display in the UFC Paris main event this past weekend — 2001 classic “Lady Marmalade” serenading the Australian to the Octagon, two-and-a-half rounds of powerful back and forth action, and a vicious knockout.

But as the fight-ending shot came from hometown hero Ciryl Gane, the French fans didn’t get to see the patented Tuivasa shoey, which has been an ever-present during his rise up the heavyweight ladder since 2020.

Nevertheless, even in defeat, Tuivasa knows how to let his hair down, and will no doubt be enjoying a pint or two (hundred) of his Drink West lager in the coming months. But when he does so, he may need to create a new iteration of the shoey having been given some competition online…

While the Aussies love a beverage, even out of a shoe, if there’s one nationality that can match them drink-for-drink, it’s the Irish. Enter “The Celtic Warrior.”

Sheamus Looks To Put Tuivasa’s Shoeys To Shame

While there’s always been somewhat of a connection between professional wrestling and MMA, whether through the mixing of fanbases or the dual-sport exploits of stars like Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, the latest interaction between WWE and UFC athletes probably wasn’t expected.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, longtime WWE superstar Sheamus uploaded a video from a pub in Dublin, the city in which he was born. Having been in Wales this past weekend for the Clash at the Castle event, the 44-year-old took the opportunity to return home to Ireland.

And what better way to celebrate the occasion than Guinness out of an Air Jordan? Well, probably many ways, but that’s for another day.

In the caption, the Irish pro wrestler tagged Tuivasa, who’s become the leading man when it comes to post-win shoeys alongside countryman Daniel Ricciardo, who races in Formula One.

After doubting whether Tuivasa has done a similar shoey, Sheamus claimed WWE’s superiority over UFC when it comes to the unique alcohol-drinking activity.

“But has @bambamtuivasa ever drank Guiness out of Air Jordan in Dublin? WWE > UFC”

The question is Sheamus, have you ever done a shoey spiked with a dose of Dustin Poirier’s hot sauce? No? One point to “Bam Bam.”

Who did it better, the WWE’s Sheamus or the UFC’s Tai Tuivasa?

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