Sunday, September 25, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Faceplants In Celebration After Bizarre Finish

MMA Fighter Bakhtovar Yunosov picked up a confusing victory at MMA Series 55 that was immediately followed by a strange celebration.

Facing Magomed Kadiev in a bantamweight bout, Yunusov had a kick caught by his Russian opponent early in the second round. The two fighters ended up on the canvas, where Kadiev quickly tried to lock up a guillotine choke from top position.

Yunosov used the ensuing scramble to sweep Kadiev, who decided to cling to the guillotine attempt even as the Tajikistani moved into side control. “White Tiger” ended up regretting that decision when Yusonov quickly set up a Von Flue choke.

MMA Fighter Face-Plants Himself After Win

The moments immediately following the choke are where things got a bit strange. The referee stepped in when Kadiev looked to be unconscious, only for him to apparently indicate the fight was still on when Yusonov released the submission.

Yusonov quickly landed a few unnecessary hammer fists before the ref did definitively end the fight, which prompted “Dominator” to celebrate with a back flip attempt where he landed face-first on the canvas.

Although the end of the fight and celebration may have been a bit confusing, Yusonov did pick up the sixth stoppage victory of his perfect 8-0 career.

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