Sunday, September 25, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Sucker-Punches YouTuber Mid-Interview

A Polish MMA fighter has been caught on camera sucker-punching a YouTuber whilst he was being interviewed by a journalist.

There’s a never a quiet day in mixed martial arts — not least on the European scene, where we’ve seen a 1,200-person planned brawl at a fight festival, a 5-1 professional pulling a gun on his rival during a podcast appearance, and scraps taking place above a body of water on a cargo container…

For all of those, we can thank Russia.

In today’s edition of the wild world of MMA, we head to Poland, where a YouTuber who goes by the name Sadek has been brutally attacked whilst answering questions from journalist Monika Laskowska. During his interaction with Laskowska, Sadek is suddenly struck by an incoming figure who lands a brutal right hand.

The assailant, Polish welterweight prospect Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roslik, walks off after flooring the online personality with the blow. Per, Sadek has been a vocal critic of Roslik in the past and is even said to have made some remarks about the MMA fighter’s family, which seemingly led to the attack.

After returning to his feet confused and dazed, Sadek can be seen wiping blood from his mouth, before continuing with the interview.

Some would say he made the standing count.

MMA Fighter Roslik’s Attack Came Ahead Of A Fight

While his anger got the better of him this week, Roslik would have only had to wait a few days before getting the chance to use his fists for good inside the cage.

With no possible legal ramifications revealed as of now, “Ferrari” is still expected to be in action this Saturday, September 17. Roslik, who boasts a 3-3 professional record, will be looking to extend his MMA win streak to three when he faces Pawel Bomba (0-1) at High League 4 in Gliwice, Poland.

As is the case with many of these violent instances, Roslik’s attack on Sadek isn’t his first controversial moment. Whilst competing under the FAME banner in 2020, the Pole knocked opponent Adrian Polanski out before kicking him in the head after he’d become downed, leading to a disqualification loss.

And ahead of a boxing defeat to the same man he’d illegally kicked this past March, Roslik was on the end of scrutiny after engaging in a brawl at a pre-fight press event.

What do you make of Amadeusz Roslik’s brutal attack on YouTube Sadek?

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