Saturday, November 26, 2022

Watch: Pereira Looks To One-Up Adesanya’s Unorthodox Training

Alex Pereira has today released some strange, wheel-based training footage in response to upcoming opponent Israel Adesanya‘s video of the same ilk.

The terrifying Brazilian striker was spotted on a hoverboard in the gym, sparring. It does look as though Pereira at least stuck to boxing, although looked just as crisp while punching from aboard the craft.

The video was in response to Adesanya, his upcoming opponent. The champion posted a video of him training movement by dodging incoming tennis balls against a wall.

The pair are due to face off at UFC 281 in New York, in what is one of the most highly anticipated middleweight bouts in recent memory. “Poatin” has twice before beaten Adesanya in the realm of kickboxing. Israel Adesanya though is the man they call king in this jungle, a defending champion whose composure and style have carried him to be one of the greatest 185 lb. fighters to ever live.

Pereira Boxes On Wheels

In the clip from Instagram, Pereira can be seen asserting his jab while maintaining balance on the hoverboard. It is unknown whether this is an official sport anywhere, but it should be. If someone should take up this idea, Pereira should be placed at number one pound-for-pound.

Alex Pereira gained his status as a contender by knocking out motor-mouthed tough guy Sean Strickland. It was just his third fight in the promotion, but after his history with Adesanya, this was an easy sell.

For “Stylebender”, Cannonier made it seven title bout victories. This though, at Maddison Square Garden, could be his ultimate victory. Pereira represents an old demon that not only refuses to go away but actively pursues our champion. Indeed, regardless of sport or location, Pereira is omnipresent.

Adesanya vs Pereira 3 is not only pure blockbuster but is arguably the defining fight of Israel Adesanya’s title reign.

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