Saturday, December 3, 2022

HW Fighter Says Aaron Rodgers On Ayahuasca Is UFC Ready

While Aaron Rodgers may be one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, there is at least one person who thinks he could be an elite fighter with some unique performance enhancers.

While he is an undoubtedly polarizing figure in football, there is little denying the skills that Rodgers has possessed over the course of his nearly two-decade long career as a quarterback, playing for the Green Bay Packers. If there was any question about that, you need only to look at the four NFL MVP wins on his résumé.

Aaron Rodgers: The Ayahuasca Warrior

Aaron Rodgers

As impressive as his career stats are, there are some who are more interested in the personal life of Aaron Rodgers, including his documented experimentation with psychedelics such as DMT and ayahuasca. In fact, he has credited his use of these substances for helping him achieve what he feels are the best seasons of his career.

Former NFL player turned recently signed UFC fighter Austen Lane believes that this could help Rodgers excel at more than just football. Speaking in a recent interview, Lane was asked to choose from a list of NFL players to decide who would be best suited for MMA, and he pinpointed the quarterback and stated that using ayahuasca could even help him on the mats too.

“Aaron Rodgers is on that ayahuasca kick right now, so you know what I mean? When you do that ayahuasca stuff, it can kind of free your mind a little bit, open your mind to different things. You talk about jujitsu and flowing,” Lane said.

It is unclear at this time, whether or not ayahuasca is something that appears on the banned substance list for the UFC’s drug testing agency, USADA. That being said, if it is able to open up the mind of a 39-year-old Aaron Rodgers to the point where he is able to download MMA into his brain like Neo in the Matrix, maybe it should be.

Have you ever used ayahuasca ton win a fist fight?