Saturday, November 26, 2022

Alexander Volkanovski Sends A Message To Beneil Dariush

Alexander Volkanovski has been named the backup for the UFC 280 main event, but where does that leave Beneil Dariush?

One of the most anticipated fights of the year is now just over a week away. The lightweight title fight between Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev will be the headliner for the massive UFC 280 event going down in Abu Dhabi on Oct. 22.

This is a very important fight within the lightweight division, especially since there is no champion at 155 pounds right now. As is the case with many important fights, the UFC has an insurance plan in place and has named a backup fighter for this bout.

That backup fighter is none other than featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski. It is unusual for a champion to be serving as a backup for a fight, but in this case, Volkanovski wants the chance to move up to lightweight and sees this as an opportunity to get in on the highest level.

Alexander Volkanovski

Beneil Dariush Was Rumored To Be The Backup Before Volkanovski

In the months leading up to this event, it was assumed by many that number six-ranked Beneil Dariush would serve as the backup. He is already fighting on the same card and will be on hand to jump in if necessary. Now that Volkanovski was announced that he has the job he sheds some light on Dariush’s situation on The MMA Hour.

“I don’t know, obviously I’ve seen something like that, like he’s thinking maybe I’m playing games or something like that, if he’s watching it, I’m not playing any games. I don’t know, if they did, maybe they did tell you that you could be very early whether this was a couple of months ago, wherever,” he explained.

“His manager, like, just had that conversation said that you will be, and he just assumed it was and hasn’t looked into it since, I don’t know. But man, I’ve got my corners are getting flown over, we’ve already got our flights, and I’m getting paid for this and all that type of stuff. So, it’s locked in, you know what I mean? Like, I’m not playing any games, you know, I don’t know what’s going on with them. But, I’m sure now that it’s announced, so they’ve had that conversation now.”

Dariush will go on with his scheduled bout against Mateusz Gamrot on the main card of UFC 280. And if both fighters make weight successfully, Volkanovski will take his paycheck and enjoy the fights that night.

Do you think it was the right decision to bring in Volkanovski as a backup over Dariush?