Thursday, December 8, 2022

Aljamain Sterling Blasts TJ Dillashaw For UFC 280 ‘Excuse’

Aljamain Sterling has slammed TJ Dillashaw for using his dislocated shoulder as an “excuse” for losing their championship bout at UFC 280 tonight.

Sterling comfortably defended his UFC bantamweight title for a second time with a TKO of Dillashaw in the second round. Former champ Dillashaw dislocated his shoulder in the opening seconds of the fight, and Sterling quickly capitalized to get the takedown and rain down heavy ground and pound.

In between rounds, Dillashaw’s team popped his shoulder back in, but it popped right back out during round two. When Sterling took him down for a second time, Dillashaw was quickly put away with savage ground strikes. 

Sterling Dillashaw

Sterling Slams Dillashaw For Shoulder Injury Excuse

In his post-fight interview, Dillashaw revealed that his dislocated shoulder was a recurring injury that first emerged in April, and one that he experienced during his fight camp. When asked about this statement at the UFC 280 post-fight press conference, Sterling didn’t mince words.

“I tore my shoulder and I had five professional fights, and I went 5-0,” said Sterling. “So, I understand the pain that he definitely had to deal with going through that, but he had the two shoulder surgeries during his suspension. I took him down, his shoulders were in the socket before the takedown, they were in the socket before the round ended as far as I’m concerned. I full-mounted him, I rolled his arms up, I flattened him out, I like to think that I’m the one that caused that to come out of the socket again. So he could say whatever he wants, but I don’t think socket or not that that fight wasn’t going to get any better for him honestly.”

Sterling also revealed that he too suffered injuries during fight camp. He also speculated that Dillashaw, who served a two-year suspension for using PEDs, was likely using them once again, and that as a proven drug cheat, making excuses is simply par for the course.

“Listen, I had so many things going on, you could ask the UFC PI team and I’ll disclose that with the HIPAA laws, and I got to the fight and no excuses; if I lost, I lost,” said Sterling. “People say ‘you are building excuses because you’re making claims.’ I’m like, dude, you got caught before, there’s probably a good chance that you’re doing it again… and I don’t care, I was gonna step in there with him regardless. Again, no excuses if I lost, take my L like a man, go home rebuild myself, study and see how I could be better, and for him to go out and do that, I think it just kind of shows his personality.

“And I said it before for a guy who needs to do PEDs, they have a chink in the armor for this guy to lose, and the first thing he went for was that. I’m like, dude, so you’re gonna just make it seem like your shoulder just came out by yourself brother? I like to think I had something to do with that.”

What’s your take on Aljamain Sterling blasting TJ Dillashaw for his “excuse?”

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