Sunday, November 27, 2022

Aljamain Sterling Debuts Brand-New Nickname for TJ Dillashaw

Aljamain Sterling has a new nickname for TJ Dillashaw ahead of their UFC 280 title clash.

Sterling and Dillashaw have had plenty of things to say about each other in the lead-up to their co-main event bantamweight title fight at UFC 280, on October 22nd. While the two-time former champ is wanting his title back after losing it by taking steroids, while the current champ is looking to legitimize his reign after a pair of highly contested fights with Petr Yan to get the belt.

Aljamain Sterling Thinks TJ Dillashaw Is Still Cheating

There have been many nicknames levied at TJ Dillashaw over the years, from Conor McGregor‘s infamous snake in the grass callout to the many steroid-related monikers to come since he popped for EPO in 2019. Now Aljamain Sterling has a new one for him, which he debuted while speaking in an interview with TMZ.

“I’m excited man. I can’t wait to be standing across the cage and hear Bruce Buffer just go ‘Two-time UFC former bantamweight champion Pill-J Dillaroidz!’ and I’m just going to be like ‘Yeah, I’m gonna fuck this guy up,'” Sterling said.

That said, just because Dillashaw has done his time and returned under severe scrutiny from USADA, does not mean Sterling is convinced he will be facing a clean fighter at UFC 280. When asked if he thought Dillashaw had stopped using steroids, he had a blunt response.

“Hell no! Hell no! That guy’s a little weasel,” Sterling said with a laugh. “100% (he’s cheating right now). That guy knows the ins and outs of that whole thing. He ain’t get caught by USADA, he got caught by the New York State Athletic Commission, so there’s a whole discrepancy in that. Yeah, I know they’re testing him a bunch, but if they’re not testing him for the gear, then what’s the point?”

With the highly anticipated UFC 280 fast approaching, fans are excited to see Aljamain Sterling vs TJ Dillashaw. Regardless of the larger clouds that may hang over either fighter’s head, it is an ultra-intriguing stylistic matchup with major stakes.

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