Monday, November 28, 2022

Helwani Shares Moment He Knew Dana White Had No Moral Line

Ariel Helwani has been reflecting on his infamous beef with Dana White, and has revealed what moment changed his perspective forever.

There are many moments where the beef between Helwani and White has boiled over, but the biggest by far came during the UFC 199 fight week, when the Canadian journalist leaked news of Brock Lesnar’s appearance at UFC 200, leading to him getting a “ban” from UFC events that was later lifted.

In the wake of this incident, the UFC president went scorched earth on his nemesis in ways that have rarely been seen before or since.

Ariel Helwani Reflects On Dana White Beef

Dana White Ariel Helwani

While it has been a few years since things were really heated between Ariel Helwani and Dana White, this is still one of the most notable moments in MMA media history and has had a long-lasting effect on the former.

In fact, a recent episode of the MMA Hour saw the multiple-time MMA Journalist of the Year reflect a bit on the way things wound up between he and the UFC boss.

When asked about his family’s opinion of White, given the way he brought up Helwani’s personal life, Ariel explained that his wife and kids do not talk about it much, but do not have the highest opinion of White.

That said, he explained that it was the way that White brought his family into things, saying that his wife and kids would not respect him because he cried on camera, that made him realize that White was not afraid to cross any lines, no matter how personal they were.

“That was the most upset, mad I ever got, was when he referenced my family, because there’s a line. It shows that he has no line. I would never talk about someone’s family, I would never talk about, in that way, even referencing them, because there’s a lot I could say and turn the tables, but I would never do that. There’s a line,” Helwani said.

“But that just goes to show, among many things, the differences between us. At that moment, that’s when in my mind I was like, ‘This is different, this is weird.'”

There is no denying that Ariel Helwani was a first-hand witness to the sides of Dana White that not many people get to see, for better or for worse. The opinions that he and his family still hold towards White are certainly understandable given their history.

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