Monday, November 28, 2022

Belal Muhammad Explains “Remember The Name” Nickname

Belal Muhammad has told of the origins of his nickname, and what it means to him ahead of his UFC 280 return against Sean Brady.

Muhammad is currently riding an eight-fight unbeaten streak, with the likes of Demain Maia and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson already on his résumé. He is on the verge of a title shot if he wins. Muhammad takes on Sean Brady, a 15-0 prospect who is rising the ranks at an alarming rate. Should Muhammad put a stop to the upward momentum of the 29-year-old, he would be hard to deny a shot at the belt.

Muhammad Explains ”Remember The Name”

Sean Brady, Belal Muhammad
FanSided and © Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of the UFC 280 mega-card, Belal Muhammad caught up with PalestineInAmerica. They discussed an often-thought question in MMA, how did you get your nickname?

“You have some guys who always have some stupid nicknames like “crazy horse” or something dumb. I didn’t want to come up with one of those,” stated Muhammed. “[I] wanted something real. I want to be remembered, I want people to remember the name.”

The fighter has indeed made people remember his name. Muhammad has made it clear that he wants nothing more than to leave an enduring legacy. The Chicago grappler has a very clear picture of how he feels he is and will be seen in the future.

“When my name is on the card, people are going to tune in because they know what type of fighter I am. They know I’m exciting and I’m going to bring a fight every single time.”

The Chicago native seems just as riled up as his opponent for this one. Brady suggested the moon and behind a 7/11 as possible venues, but Abu Dhabi ultimately won. The pair are now mere ticks away from getting their hands on each other following months of verbal sparring.

If their grappling ends up canceling each other out, this could be a war for the ages.

Muhammad or Brady, who will get there hand raised at UFC 280 today?