Saturday, December 3, 2022

Ben Askren Tells “Wild” Tyron Woodley College Tale

Ben Askren has spoken of his time in college with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley and how one friend ended up with the nickname wedges.

The former multi-organization world champion and two-time viral knockout victim recently joined The Schmo and Helen Yee to discuss his upcoming book launch.

Among topics was Tyron Woodley, former University of Missouri and Roufusport teammate. Ben Askren then told what was described by him as a wild story, but we will let you be the judge.

“I know this sounds preposterous, but it really happened.”

“Tyron and this other gentleman were going home with these two girls, it was a wrestling camp outta Columbia. This one gentleman was inebriated and he went into this gas station. For whatever reason, he wanted these damn potato wedges. I know, it’s ridiculous.”

Ben Askren On College Days

Tyron Woodley nickname
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Both men have gone on to lose to Jake Paul by knockout in their most recent fights. It appears Askren has taken the hint that his best combat day is behind him, while Woodley appears only an offer away from stepping back through those ring ropes.

“Turned out, they were outta wedges. So this guy in there ranting and raving about wedges. Tyron has been waiting in the car with these girls. So Tyron goes in there, and I’m gonna make it to PG. Basically, Tyron says ”Dude, What are you doing”. The guy responds ”I want wedges, where are the wedges, they need to make my wedges”. And Tyron is like ” Girls or wedges, girls or wedges? like what are we doing here?”.

Rounding off his self-described explicit story, Ben Askren chuckled his final lines out.

“So Tyron eventually drags him back to the car. It’s a hilarious story because the guy ended up with the nickname ‘Wedges'”

What’s your take on Ben Askren’s wild story?

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