Thursday, December 8, 2022

Beneil Dariush Expects To Be Discounted Even If He Wins Title

Beneil Dariush knows exactly where he stands.

Dariush has slowly built up one of the most solid winning streaks in the shark tank that is the UFC‘s lightweight division, putting together seven straight victories to earn a spot just outside the top five. While he is putting his position in the rankings on the line by fighting number 9 ranked Mateusz Gamrot at UFC 280, he has put himself in such a good position that he thought he was going to be a back-up fighter for the lightweight title main event, only to be passed up by Alexander Volkanovski.

Beneil Dariush Doesn’t Need Your Respect

This UFC 280 back-up fighter situation was just the most recent instance where Beneil Dariush appears to have been overlooked. However, he thinks this is to be expected at this point in his career.

Speaking in an interview with Submission Radio, Dariush explained that no matter what he does, the UFC and its fans never seem to appreciate what he does. Instead, he feels that his wins are often downplayed, no matter whom they are against.

“You know what’s funny with me? I don’t know what it is, but like no matter who I beat, they’re like ‘Eh, he should’ve beat that guy, he was supposed to beat that guy.’ I’m like, what? I don’t know what I gotta do. Or they’re like, ‘I don’t know about this guy, he looks like he’s 50,'” Dariush said with laughter.

Not only that, but Beneil Dariush is quite aware that he will have to likely take the long road to the title, given how much he is not overlooked. Then, only after he is able to win and defend the belt, will he be able to win the respect of the people.

“Here’s what I think is going to happen. I think I’m going to beat Mateusz, hopefully they give me a title shot, but probably not. So what I’ll do, is I’ll fight another high-ranked guy, beat him, and then I’ll probably get a title shot. Well, maybe. Who knows?” Dariush said.

“Then whoever’s champion at that time, I’ll smash them and people will be like ‘Hmmm, maybe.’ They’ll start looking at me like ‘Possibly,’ and then I’ll defend the belt a few times, and they’ll be like ‘Alright fine, he’s pretty good.’ That’s what I think will happen.”

This is a hilariously honest assessment of his position in the lightweight division from Beneil Dariush, who looks to take one more step towards gold at UFC 280. The lightweight division seems to never have a shortage of contenders vying for the throne, so time will tell if his prediction comes true.

How many title defenses will it take for you to admit Beneil Dariush is pretty good?

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