Thursday, December 8, 2022

Bisping: Oliveira Is One Win From Passing Khabib As LW GOAT

Michael Bisping feels like a win for Charles Oliveira against Islam Makhachev would propel his legacy to the next level.

Bisping has done his best to support Oliveira in his time since capturing the UFC lightweight title, even going as far as to defend the Brazilian when Makhachev suggested Charles Oliveira was a coward.

Although there are some who may not think this fight will be particularly close, the former UFC middleweight champion has maintained his belief that this matchup is a lot more intriguing than some others would have you believe.

Michael Bisping Makes The Case For Charles Oliveira

In the eyes of many fans, Khabib Nurmagomedov is the greatest lightweight of all time, going undefeated across 29 fights, dominating nearly every person put in front of him. However, Bisping made the case in a video he recently uploaded to YouTube, that if Charles Oliveira can beat Khabib’s protege, Islam Makhachev at UFC 280, he will surpass the Eagle in lightweight GOAT status.

To illustrate his point, Bisping laid out the reasoning behind supporting Khabib as the lightweight GOAT, citing not just the undefeated record, but the fact that in 13 UFC fights, he only ever lost two rounds officially, and barely even got touched.

That said, he countered this by pointing to the fact that Khabib retired after just three title defenses, not sticking around long enough to face the contenders needed to truly test his greatness.

“Would he have beaten all these top new contenders? He beat some of them. Would he have beaten Charles? The reality is we don’t know, we can only imagine,” Bisping said.

In similar fashion to what he did with Khabib, Michael Bisping then listed off the accolades of Charles Oliveira, noting the records he holds for most finishes, submissions, and post-fight bonuses. Of course, he knows that the big thing that hold Oliveira back in this discussion is the fact that he has eight losses on his record, compared to the undefeated record of his Dagestani counterpart.

The point that Bisping makes, is that while it is impossible to completely excuse the past losses, they were at a different weight class, and they were a long time ago. So, he feels like if Oliveira can beat Makhachev, surpassing Khabib’s total number of title defenses, he would become the greatest lightweight of all time.

“Khabib wrestled with bears, Charles walked with lions. The greatest lightweight of all time though? I think if Charles beats Islam this weekend, it’ll be him. I think he will have surpassed him, simply because he’s taking out all the top contenders,” Bisping said. “You can not deny the numbers, the momentum, the history that Oliveira’s making.”

This is certainly a strong claim for Michael Bisping to make but is not without its merits. He ended the conversation by reminding everyone how subjective this type of discussion is and that while this is his opinion, you do not have to agree.

Can Charles Oliveira surpass Khabib Nurmagomedov as the lightweight GOAT with a win at UFC 280?

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