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Archives: Bisping: “What Self-Respecting Man Asks MGK For A Pic?” (2021)

On this day one year ago, Michael Bisping reacted to Conor McGregor‘s altercation with Machine Gun Kelly at the 2021 VMAs.

Michael Bisping and Conor McGregor have had their share of back-and-forths at this point, most recently just in the past week alone. However, McGregor was sure to squash the beef and disclose that he was “just acting” in the latest public banter between the two.

One year ago, however, there was no evidence of Bisping “acting” when he questioned why any grown, self-respecting man would want a picture with multi-platinum recording artist Machine Gun Kelly. And the “man” being referred to was none other than The Notorious One himself.

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On This Day One Year Ago…


Headline: Bisping: “What Self-Respecting Man Asks Machine Gun Kelly For A Picture?”

Author: Nicole Bosco

Michael Bisping had a good laugh about Conor McGregor and his fight with Machine Gun Kelly.

A few weeks ago, Conor McGregor was involved in an altercation with singer Machine Gun Kelly at the MTV Video Music Awards. The news spread throughout the MMA community and many fighters and fans had to express their opinions. Michael Bisping was one of those people. He spoke on Instagram immediately following the event about the scuffle and shared his thoughts about McGregor.

“I’m having my cup of coffee this morning and I’m scrolling and I saw, I forgot what website it was and they added an eyewitness,” Bisping said. “Now you never know, maybe the eyewitness is full of sh*t.”

Bisping was on an Instagram live with his son discussing some MMA news. He seemed amused by this headline and the behavior of Conor McGregor himself. Bisping and son Callum got a good laugh out of the situation.

“The eyewitness account that I read said that he went up to Machine Gun Kelly,” Bisping said. “I feel like an idiot even saying that sentence. He went up and said, ‘Hey Machine Gun Kelly, how are you there?’ So he went up and tried to get a picture apparently and his security, Kelly’s security kind of shoved him away. And that’s when Conor sh*t the bed. Who in the right mind, what self-respecting man asks Machine Gun Kelly for a picture? That’s what I wanna know.”

Bisping later sided a bit with McGregor stating that he believed that perhaps the medication that McGregor could be taking for his leg injury could be making him act “erratic.” Bisping himself explained that after his own surgeries he was irritable. However, this is not the first time McGregor has been involved in an altercation in public. It has happened many times before.

What did you think of the McGregor’MGK fight, and do you agree with Bisping’s assessment of the situation?