Thursday, December 8, 2022

See Calvin Kattar Suffer Knee Injury In Agonizing Slow-Mo (Graphic)

The knee injury Calvin Kattar suffered in his bout Arnold Allen looks even worse in slow motion.

Nobody who is watching the UFC Vegas 63 main event featherweight contenders Kattar and Arnold Allen to end in the way that it did. After a tense start, an awkward landing from a failed flying knee attempt hurt the right knee of the American compromised at the end of the first, leading to Allen getting a quick TKO stoppage early in the second.

Calvin Kattar Knee Popped In Slow-Mo

In the moment, it was a bit hard to see exactly what happened, other than the initial tweak that occurred on landing. The one thing that was clear is that Arnold Allen kicked Calvin Kattar in the lead leg, forcing him to put weight on the bad knee, which popped under the pressure, causing him to drop to the canvas.

However, it would not take long for video to begin making its way around on Twitter, showing the moment that Kattar shifted his weight onto the bad knee, showing it up close and in slow motion. Be warned that while this is not the most graphic injury UFC fans have borne witness to, it is still not a video for those with weak constitutions.

After watching this impact and the effect it had on his knee, it is pretty evident that Calvin Kattar suffered a pretty serious injury that led to him being unable to continue. This is such a disappointing outcome, as the bout had barely gotten started, and nobody wants to earn a win this way.

Calvin Kattar vs Arnold Allen is the fourth main event to end by some form of injury in 2022, without including other injuries in important bouts, which is wild considering there have only ever been 13 total main events to end this way in the promotion’s history. Hopefully whatever went wrong here will not take long to recover from, and he will get back to action soon.

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