Thursday, December 1, 2022

Latest Car-Jitsu Installment Features Adult Film Stars

Everyone’s new favorite sport, Car-Jitsu is back, and this time it featured some interesting choices in opponents to go head-to-head.

Any real fan of combat sports can tell you that for every sport like boxing or MMA, there are about at least 8 variations of the sport that are bizarre and contain odd conditions or rules. The latest version of this to be making waves is Car-Jitsu, which sees competitors engage in grappling exchanges while inside a car, starting from a seatbelted position.

Car-Jitsu Goes Wild

Just when we thought that Car-Jitsu could not get any more insane, the most recent edition decided to take things up a notch. This time around, as seen in a video posted to Twitter, Russian organization Punch Club featured two competitors who are apparently porn stars, taking each other on in a bout.

The videos saw actresses Elena Berkova and Dana Borisova square off in a convertible, with Berkova securing a rear naked choke in the first round, nearly having her top pulled up, but was unable to finish. Round two saw much of the same, with Borisova once more struggling to remove her seatbelt and getting caught in a choke, this time tapping out.

Punch Club has been making waves with these Car-Jitsu bouts, but this one in particular was rather one-sided, with Berkova capitalizing on poor seatbelt technique by Borisova. One can not help but wonder how this sport compares to the likes of phone booth fighting, team MMA, and the other bizarre editions of combat sports.

Car-Jitsu was originally created by Vik Mikheev and is an entire system that has belt rankings and all. As a concept, it is met with mixed reviews from fans, with some being entertained and feeling that it is a practical skill to learn, and others not seeing the appeal.

How do you think you would do in a Car-Jitsu bout?