Casey O’Neil Was Contacted By UFC Executive Regarding Beef With Twitter Troll

Casey O’Neil Was Contacted By UFC Executive Regarding Beef With Twitter Troll
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The UFC was not happy about Casey O’Neil potentially fighting a Twitter troll.

While some fighters are not particularly active on social media, others like top-ten UFC flyweight O’Neil are more inclined to interact with fans online. However, this recently led to an incident where she was challenged to a sparring session by a troll who made it clear that he felt capable of what he referred to as non-elite female UFC fighters, specifically targeting the Scottish-born Australian fighter.

Casey O’Neil Was Ready To Scrap

As it turns out, this troll was nothing more than Twitter talk, as O’Neil explained in a recent interview with The AllStar. Here, she revealed that she was ready to take on this man, despite having an injured ACL, but she woke up to discover a deleted Twitter account and no sign of the troll.

“It’s really funny to call people out on what they’re saying because half the time someone will say something on the internet that they won’t say to your face. He called me out online and said he thinks I’m a terrible fighter and he would beat me, so I told him to come spar. I’ve got one ACL currently, not even cleared to spar, but I know for a fact I would kick his ass,” O’Neill said.

“I was fully prepared to kick his ass on Tuesday, but he deleted his Twitter. Today when I woke up I’d seen that his account is no longer, so I don’t think Casey vs Cal is going down anymore. I don’t think I’m going to be beating up the Twitter troll unless he shows up, but I highly doubt it.”

Hunter Campbell Was Not Happy

As it turns out, it may be for the best that Cal is not off the map and does not appear ready to show up for a scrap. Apparently, Casey O’Neil’s attempted to silence a hater the hard way caused some tension between herself and the UFC’s Executive Vice President and the Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell.

O’Neil explained that this whole situation began to get out of hand and gain traction outside of the world of Twitter. This resulted in word getting back to Campbell, who texted the flyweight to discourage her from taking this fight, and risking any sort of additional injury to her ACL.

“We’ve got Barstool Sports covering it. I’ve got Hunter Campbell from the UFC texting me, like ‘Don’t have unsanctioned fights please. I need you healthy.’ Everybody taking it seriously. It’s pretty funny for me though,” O’Neill said. “I think people say it for attention almost. I don’t know if it’s like a fetish thing, like they want to get beat up by a woman or something. You have to pay me if that’s the case.”

At the time of writing, there is still the chance of Cal showing up to try his luck against Casey O’Neil and try to prove his point; after all he would not be the first troll to actually put on the gloves. However, it seems like the chances of that happening are rather slim, and it may be what is best for everyone involved.

Do you think Hunter Campbell told Cal to pull out of the fight?

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