Thursday, December 8, 2022

Casey O’Neill Tried To Have Her First MMA Fight At 13 Years Old

It usually take some time for people to realize they want to be a cage fighter for a living, but that was not the case with Casey O’Neill.

A top prospect in the UFC‘s women’s flyweight division, O’Neil has proven herself to be among the best in the world at 125 lb. Not only that, but she recently became known as the UFC fighter who is willing to throw hands with Twitter trolls any day of the week, ACL injury or not.

Casey O’Neill Wanted To Be A Teen Fighter

Someone who is willing to take on a man they have never met must be built different, and Casey O’Neill certainly fits the bill. In fact, she explained in a recent interview with SiriusXM that she has always been drawn to the world of fist fighting.

Here, O’Neill explained that she took her first mixed martial arts fight at the young age of just 15 years old. That said, she actually wanted to compete much younger, being deterred by her father, who has a local MMA promotion of his own, for two years before he finally chose to concede and agree to let her fight.

“My dad, having his MMA show, I wanted to be the first female fighting for him, and he told me that he’d never let me fight, so just constantly wearing down on him from 13 to 15. It took him two years but he let me,” O’Neill said. “I started asking when I was 13 years old, and he was ‘I’m not going to let my 13 year old daughter fight.’ Then it was ‘I’m not letting my 14 year old daughter fight.’ Then at 15, I think it was like a month shy of my 16th birthday, I was like ‘Can you please just let me try it? Like, if I lose, whatever.'”

Casey O’Neill explained that while she did end up losing the fight, her father could see how much she was dedicated and wanting to do this, and decided to stop trying to prevent her from doing so.

Sure enough, after doing some BJJ tournaments and taking boxing matches, she would return to the world of MMA, where she is now an undefeated pro in the UFC, where she hopes to return to action at the beginning of the year, after rehabbing her knee.

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