Saturday, December 3, 2022

Cejudo Calls Dvalishvili A ‘Dirtbag’ For Revealing Aldo Retirement

Former two-division UFC champion Henry Cejudo has suggested that it was a “dirtbag move” for Merab Dvalishvili to reveal José Aldo’s retirement plans.

Last month, legendary former featherweight king Aldo brought a lengthy and illustrious career in mixed martial arts to an end. The announcement came weeks after the Brazilian had seen his bantamweight title hopes fall away at the hands of a Georgian “Machine” at UFC 278.

In their three-round contest, Dvalishvili utilized his grappling game to stifle the striking of “Junior” en route to a victory on the scorecards.

But it wasn’t just Aldo’s title ambitions that the rising contender appeared to take from the 145-pound GOAT contender.

During a post-fight appearance on The MMA Hour, Dvalishvili told Helwani the words he exchanged with Aldo inside the Octagon. According to the #3-ranked bantamweight, the former WEC and UFC featherweight champ told him that UFC 278 marked his last fight.

“He told me actually,” Dvalishvili said. “When he was down, and I go to shake his hand… he say, ‘That means this is my last fight because this is my last run to title, and I guess I’m done.'”

Now, one former champion has criticized both parties for the news breaking early.

Cejudo: Dvalishvili Was Wrong To Disclose Aldo’s Retirement

During a recent Q&A on his YouTube channel, Cejudo was asked about Dvalishvili’s decision to reveal Aldo’s words before an official announcement had come from the Brazilian’s camp.

While he criticized the Georgian for failing to keep tight-lipped on the matter, he also suggested that blame lies at the door of Aldo himself for telling a “dirtbag” like Dvalishvili inside the cage.

“It was a dirtbag move, but whatever dude. I’ve done a lot of dirtbag things, so call me a dirtbag, too,” Cejudo said. “I think it’s Aldo’s fault for telling a dirtbag… In this sport of mixed martial arts, dude, everything goes. It’s like a Royal Rumble.”

While his coach initially downplayed talk of a retirement, perhaps as a way to distract from Dvalishvili spilling the beans prematurely, Aldo’s decision to hang up his MMA gloves was later made official.

With it, “Junior” wrapped up a memorable 39-fight career that included championship reigns in multiple promotions and victories over a number of all-time greats.

Do you agree with Henry Cejudo?

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