Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Chael Sonnen Roasts John Cena & His “Ghost Writers”

Former multi-weight UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen has continued to take aim at professional wrestling star John Cena on Twitter.

As October began, MMA veteran Sonnen seemingly wrote ‘target Cena’ on his list of monthly goals. During his time in the Octagon, “The American Gangster” developed a reputation as one of the most entertaining, brash, and controversial trash-talkers in the game.

Despite no longer being a presence in the cage, and mostly turning his trash talk into analysis for combat sports events and his growing YouTube channel, Sonnen often likes to remind fans of his past ways.

Evidently, the latest tool for that is a conquest against a wrestling star and his endless inspirational quotes.

Cena, who is tied with Ric Flair for the most world championship reigns in professional wrestling history, has embraced more of a part-time role inside the squared circle in recent years, instead finding success as a film star.

Through it all, though, one thing has always continued — daily motivational posts on Twitter. And Sonnen, for one, has had enough.

Starting on the opening day of this month, Sonnen put his own unique spin on one of Cena’s tweets, using it to send shots at the West Newbury native’s movies.

After continuing that trend in recent days, Sonnen has now turned his attention towards the true minds he believes to be behind the posts.

Sonnen: “Cena Desperately Needs New Ghost Writers”

On Monday, Sonnen quote-tweeted a Cena post that encouraged followers to aid their perspectives by not comparing themselves to others.

Clearly not one for sentiment, Sonnen joked that he was setting up a GoFundMe page for Cena’s inadequate “ghost writers,” who he suggested choose cliché quotes to post out of the pool of motivational messages in Hallmark cards.

“GoFundMe Alert -John Cena DESPERATELY needs new Ghost-Writers. The guys who do it now work for food stamps and get his ‘quotes’ by shoplifting Hallmark cards from the ‘encouragement’ section Please contribute,” Sonnen wrote.

Fans took to the comments to give their takes on Sonnen’s newfound animosity with the John Cena Twitter account.

While one said they were “not sure why you’re angling for a match with John, try someone who actively competed still,” another backed the former light heavyweight and middleweight UFC title challenger by writing, “Uncle Chael, what’s with all the @JohnCena heat?!…. you’re killing him in this promo war btw.”

What do you make of Chael Sonnen’s recent John Cena roasts?