Monday, December 5, 2022

Chael Sonnen: Jon Jones’s Next Fight Is Automatically His Biggest

Chael Sonnen believes Jon Jones can return to fight anyone, and it will be a huge occasion.

Sonnen and Jones certainly have their history, having coached opposite one another on The Ultimate Fighter and fought for the light heavyweight title, not to mention the semi-regular spats that they go through on social media.

This has only amplified in the time since Johnny Bones vacated the 205lb strap to pursue a career at heavyweight, with “The Bad Guy” sharing numerous opinions on the subject in the two years since Jones vacated the belt without actually making the move to heavyweight.

Chael Sonnen Says Jon Jones Is In Demand

Despite their differences, Chael Sonnen largely tries to keep a balanced view of Jon Jones as a fighter, and what his future might look like. This resulted in a rather interesting observation recently, which the three-time UFC title challenger posted to his YouTube channel.

In a video where Sonnen discusses the differences between Jones’s absence from the sport, and the situation heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou has found himself in, he reiterated the fact that there is a good chance of Jones fighting Ngannou in his first heavyweight fight, provided Ngannou stays with the UFC. That said, he made it clear that he does not feel like it particularly matters who Jones fights, because no matter what it will be a massive fight.

“In Jon Jones’s mind, Jon is a massive draw. In all of our minds, he for sure is a massive talent. Simple supply and demand will make Jon’s next fight Jon’s biggest fight. Just the simple principle of supply and demand. But who’s it gonna be against and when?” Sonnen said.

Chael Sonnen raises an interesting point, as despite his many issues outside the cage, this is the longest layoff Jon Jones has had in his career. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, when this heavyweight debut finally takes place.

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