Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Chris Barnett Says Dana White Video Made Him Feel Nervous

Fan favorite heavyweight Chris Barnett told Brendan Schaub of how a Dana White video added to his nerves ahead of his Ben Rothwell fight.

The deceptively fleet of foot strikers took on Rothwell in 2021. It was Chris Barnett’s UFC debut and not a good one for “Beastboy”. He fell to a choke in the second round and says nerves played a huge part. He took part in an hour-long episode of the Food Truck Diaries and told of his mind state heading into his biggest fight to date.

When the question of the former dancer‘s debut was brought up, Barnett and Schaub had a loss to Rothwell. The former UFC fighter and full-time nemesis of Dana White lost by knockout in the first round back in 2012.

“On 8 days’ notice, yeah. Then I realized, that Vegas elevation, is not crazy, but on 8 days’ notice… By the second round, I was looking at my corner like ‘Ay man, you got some oxygen for sale?’.

Ben Rothwell and Chris Barnett : Credits: ESPN

Barnett explains that he was terrified pre-fight, and perhaps not for the reasons, you might think.

“Dana [White] didn’t make it no better either, he dropped a video saying ‘This is the guy to watch out for. And I’m like, man, y’all, it is 8 days’ notice, don’t watch out for me! [laughing]”.

Chris Barnett On Punch That Made Him Say ” This Is Dumb, Why Am I Doing This”

Both Barnett and his counterpart then go on to show some respect to Ben Rothwell, showering him with superlatives. Chris Barnett can even remember the uppercut that made him reconsider the face-punching career he had set out on.

“That uppercut, he caught me with one in the first round and I was just like ‘This is dumb, why am I doing this? Like why are we here right now.'”

Ben Rothwell most recently signed with BKFC, following 28 knockouts in MMA. He entered the sport with a devastating 19-second knockout, proving both men’s claims of “Scary” power, correct.

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