Thursday, December 8, 2022

Chris Eubank Jr Offers To Pay For Conor Benn Fan Tattoo Removal

Just because you are a fan of Conor Benn does not mean Chris Eubank Jr. is unwilling to help you out.

Both the boxing and general sports worlds were in an uproar, after it was revealed that champion boxer Benn had tested positive for steroids several weeks out from his fight with former IBO super-middleweight and WBA interim middleweight champion, Eubank, but yet the results were kept secret until they were eventually leaked, leading to the fight’s cancellation. This was a devastating moment for both men, who were continuing a rivalry put in place by their previous generations.

Chris Eubank Jr. Offers Help To A Conor Benn Fan

Chris Eubank Jr. is not the only person to be devastated by the news that Conor Benn tested positive for clomiphene. Apparently, there is one particular fan who expressed his disappointment in Benn on Twitter, displaying an apparent tattoo of the boxer on their abdomen and saying that they looked up to the WBA continental welterweight champion until they found out he was taking banned substances.

News of this got back to Eubank, who seemed to take a little pity on the Benn fan and decided to have a little fun at the same time. He responded to the fan, saying that he would pay to remove the tattoo since they were financially unable to do so themselves.

“Don’t worry, mate, I’ll pay for your tattoo removal, just shoot over your info to my team & I’ll sort everything out for you. Email is in my bio,” Eubank wrote.

If this genuinely a tattoo that someone has of Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr. really does pay to have it removed, that is simultaneously an incredibly kind gesture and a troll job of epic proportions. As far as the fight itself goes, the future is unclear about whether or not these two will face off in the ring at some point down the line.

Do you think Chris Eubank Jr. will really pay to remove that Conor Benn tattoo?