Saturday, December 3, 2022

Cody Garbrandt Mocks ‘Bitch’ TJ Dillashaw For Injury, Wants Trilogy

Cody Garbrandt still has no love for TJ Dillashaw.

In one of the most personal beefs in UFC history, former teammates turned enemies Dillashaw and Garbrandt had some serious animosity throughout their season coaching TUF and pair of fights in 2017 and 2018. Although Dillashaw would end the rivalry with two victories and the belt of his rival, Cody “No Love” would arguably win in the long run, having foreshadowed the two-time bantamweight champion’s future PED scandal.

Cody Garbrandt Has No Sympathy For TJ Dillashaw

Since their two fights, the careers of TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt have gone in wildly different directions, with TJ having most recently competed for the title once again, losing to Aljamain Sterling after an exasperated preexisting shoulder injury led to a second round TKO for the reigning champ.

While Dillashaw was quick to point out that his shoulder has dislocated his shoulder upwards of twenty times in camp, leading to speculation about whether or not he should have even been allowed to compete in spite of what he has been able to do in the past, Garbrandt is not so quick to buy into these excuses.

Taking to Twitter, Garbrandt explained that while he was preparing to fight Dillashaw, the UFC went to great lengths to help make sure he could compete with a back injury, and he still did not complain after losing the fight. So he does not have any sympathy for Dillashaw, making the point clear with some expletives and calling for the two to have a third fight.

“This dude is a bitch. 10 days before our first fight the UFC flew me to Las Vegas to get epidural shots in my back because I couldn’t even walk I didn’t make any excuses or cry about it after I lost this cheating bastard. Me vs tj book that shit epo can’t save you anymore,” Garbrandt wrote.

The person who said that time heals all wounds has clearly not met Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw, as it seems that there is still some serious animosity between the two of them.

With the former champ having gone 1-5 since meeting Dillashaw and TJ out for a while rehabbing his shoulder, it will be interesting to see if the two cross paths in the Octagon again.

Would you be interested in seeing a trilogy fight between Cody Garbarndt and T.J. Dillashaw?