Sunday, November 27, 2022

Cyborg Insists ‘No McGregor’ For Potential Katie Taylor Bout

Cris Cyborg is interested in taking on Katie Taylor but not if Conor McGregor is involved.

There could be a huge fight brewing in women’s boxing between Cris Cyborg and Katie Taylor. The two have expressed interest in fighting each other, but there are still some details to iron out. For instance, Cyborg has a very specific clause for this bout: She does not want Conor McGregor on the fight card.

Cris Cyborg boxing
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Cris Cyborg Wants No Part Of Conor McGregor In Boxing Career

Cyborg is a well-known name in the world of MMA. She recently decided to take her talents to boxing and is fresh off of her first boxing win. Because of her reputation as a former UFC champion, she is a hot commodity among the boxing elite. Taylor, a multi-time boxing champion has expressed interest in welcoming Cyborg to the ring.

Taylor is a native of Ireland and if their proposed bout were to take place there, Cyborg would want nothing to do with that other Irish fighter, McGregor.

“I can fight Katie Taylor in Ireland but I don’t think putting Conor McGregor on the same event would be the best way to promote the fight,” she said to The Irish Mirror. “With Katie and myself, you have two of the greatest athletes in combat sports. You would be taking an icon from boxing and an icon from MMA and placing them together in the ring for something legendary and historic.”

McGregor is one of the most notorious MMA fighters to make the crossover to boxing. Now that he is not active within the UFC, Cyborg thinks he may want to weasel his way onto her fight card. She wants the ladies to be the draw and headline the card if one is put together.

“Both Katie and myself have fought our entire career to help create opportunities for other women in our respective sports. Conor has only won one fight in the past six years and I think with all the controversy he has had outside of the ring, it just wouldn’t be a good fit for an event looking to empower the next generation of women entering combat sports.”

McGregor has been a public supporter of Taylor, but it seems unlikely that he would want to be on this fight card or that he would even be allowed to at this time. Although he was recently declared removed from the USADA testing pool, he is still under contract with the UFC.

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